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World of Warcraft Game Server Hosting

There are a number of different server providers for World of Warcraft game server hosting available. The gamer should always make sure the server is compatible with and can host World of Warcraft before entering into a subscription or making any payments.

A dedicated gaming server is the best option when it comes to World of Warcraft game server hosting. World of Warcraft is a multi-player, multi-level game played via the internet giving players access to other players around the world. The game can be purchased online or in stores and downloaded to home computers.

World of Warcraft gives thousands of players access to one another in a virtual game world. This requires a lot of bandwidth and power from the server. It is recommended that players playing this game have broadband internet, 1024 MB of RAM, 64 MD 3D graphics card, and an Intel Premium IV 1.5 GHz or AMD XP 1500+ MHz processor.

World of Warcraft can be played on both a Ventrilo server and a virtual private server for players who prefer to play with fewer or a limited number of players. A Ventrilo server, commonly referred to as vent, is used among eight or less players. Vent servers allow players to communicate with one another without having to type. This gives players, or clans, working together an advantage. Communication is quicker, allowing players to conduct “raids” or to form a plan of action and gang up on one another.

A Ventrilo server works independently and is free for clients to download. One option, depending on the vent version, is to create private chat rooms and ban certain players from entering into those rooms. A player orders vent from a Ventrilo server hosting provider and gains control of who is allowed to connect to the server and whether or not to make the server public. A teamspeak server is much like a vent server. A headset equipped with a microphone is worn and used to speak to other players in the game.

A virtual private server (VPS) is usually a copycat version of a better known server. Virtual private servers are not individual servers but run like one. A player who opts for World of Warcraft game server hosting through a VPS can customize the server to their needs. Some World of Warcraft players feel those who use a VPS are cheating because the individual player plays the games without any competition. Some players use a private server to “farm” resources and items from the game. This also allows the player to level up quickly. Some players even turn around and sell the account.

Virtual private servers appear to users like dedicated servers. This is not true however, because a VPS is installed on one computer used to run several websites. Each virtual private server has its own operating system which conducts the hosting for one user.

Using a public server as a host is another, more popular, option. Public servers allow access to everyone via the internet. Players who opt for a public server should subscribe to one that includes a voice server.

No matter which game server hosting provider a player chooses, the faster the better. Some servers are free for downloading while others charge a monthly fee. Servers that are paid for come with better options like voice servers and twenty-four-hour support. Some servers offer clan sponsorship. Benefits included in a sponsorship range from discounts on services, free web hosting, free voice servers, free dedicated game servers, free game servers, competition and event funding, fun days, and dedicated forums.

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