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Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting

Windows is an operating system with a graphical user interface. For instance, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh use computer graphic capabilities to make their programs runs easier and to make them user friendly. An interface is a program designed to control the display for the user like that of the display on a computer monitor. A graphical user interface allows the user to interact with the computing system using a mouse, keyboard, and through icons displayed on the screen, etc.

Windows virtual private server hosting gives a number of benefits to its clients, the people leasing the server to run websites or host video games. Benefits include a quick and reliable server which is both flexible and cost efficient. A private server is not shared with other clients. Clients have the ability to make their server unique and run it according to their needs and the needs of their individual website. This can include extra security measures like firewalls and more memory and bandwidth to store the files that make up their websites and transmit data in those files at a fast pace.

Though a Windows virtual private server is not shared, it is not run as a dedicated server either, a server that is solely dedicated to one client. This system is less costly to the client. Clients using a Windows server are able to manage and host multiple domains on the one server they are leasing. Databases, information organized into one area, are easier to manage as is reseller hosting. Clients who choose to resell hosting use their own hard drive space to host and manage websites for third parties at a profit.

Windows virtual private server hosting is capable of hosting ASP.net and PHP which are both web applications. ASP.net, Active Server Pages, is used to build dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor, is a scripting language used for general purposes in writing web applications and web pages.

A Windows virtual server has many useful features. The client can customize and control features on an as needed basis. Windows hosts multiple programming languages and gives clients the advantage of installing and creating Internet hosting tools in a simplified way. Other Windows features include FrontPage extensions, MySQL, MSSQL, and SharePoint.

The FrontPage extension feature is a web design software program application used to create unique sites. MySQL is a relational database management system which provides multiuser access to a number of databases. MSSQL, a database system, can only be run on a Windows platform. SharePoint is used to create net portals for companies, complete manual operating system updates, and provide security patches and isolation which increases security.

Net portals are comprised of a page of links giving access to information on the Internet. Security patches are a piece of software designed to fix problems on the server. They are also used to update computer programs or supporting data, fix bugs, and improve usage and performance. Another Windows virtual private server hosting security feature is hyper-y. Hyper-y provides hardware virtualization and isolation from other virtual systems on the physical server and is run by its own operating system and has its own IP address.

Windows servers are good for websites with high traffic, those that are used for e-commerce, and those that use online applications. E-commerce is the buying or selling of products over the Internet. A Windows server can handle multiple types of web applications and uses many Microsoft web-based applications. Clients on a Windows server have access to the virtual private server by way of their remote desktop web connection which can be done securely.

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