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Windows Small Business Server Hosting

For those people that may be venturing on a new starter business, a server might be one of your tools to keep your business up to date and easily managed. Since you are just starting out it may not be practical for you to invest a large amount of money into a dedicated server. For this instance, opting for a Small Business Server (SBS) might be the answer to your business software needs.

Small Business Server, known as SBS, is an integrated server suite that is specifically designed for small businesses. It contains small and medium sized infrastructures with up to 75 workstations or users. Within SBS, application server technologies are integrated. This is to help the small business or enterprise get access to email and synchronization devices as well as web hosting and collaboration. SBS is designed to give the small businesses all the same possibilities as that of a larger company.

An SBS package includes server management benefits, integrated setups, enhanced monitoring and remote access. This enables a professionally trained and dedicated technician to access your business files from a remote destination. While also being able to fix problems that you are unsure of how to do.

A Windows Small Business Server hosting solution includes Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange 2007, Windows SharePoint and a single server. They have all been designed for the small business. A single server for a small business, such as that included in a Windows SBS package, comes reasonably priced. Yet it enables you to make advances for your business. It will provide Internet access as well as the sharing of resources such as printers and fax machines. Basically, it will share all of the necessary tools to give you an optimum return from your new business.

The advanced email feature provided by Microsoft Exchange allows you to access a fully functioning email as well as calendars and task synchronization tools. This is done between all of the computers within the enterprise. Also, the tools provided by Windows SharePoint 3 provide a powerful platform for excellent returns from your small business.

This SBS package allows remote access, giving you the option to access to your company's files when you are out of the office. For example, allowing you to browse through potential clients. SBS package also assures you that vital business data will always be protected. SBS package will provide you with the option to add firewalls and anti-spam filters for added protection.

This SBS package from Windows really is the ultimate package for small business setups. It offers an integrated package that is not far from what larger businesses have. Since it is offered at a much reduced cost, you can still allot the correct percentage of your budget to your other business expenses. Windows Small Business Solutions service hosting is practical, easy-to-use and a perfect tool to get you started when you enter the world of business for the first time using computer technology. Simple and straightforward directions with a great variety of applications are available for business people like you.

When setting up a new or small business, then a package designed specifically for small businesses should be your best option. It is designed for a business which has 75, or below, computer units in a network. Once your business takes off or expands, then you can upgrade to a dedicated hosting server suitable for larger businesses. This upgrade gives you ultimate and optimum control. However, everything starts from small beginnings. It is a step by step process to be worked on. It is a sort of a goal which will only be achieved through hard work and collaboration between all members of the business.

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