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Windows Media Server Hosting

There is a multimedia framework available on the market called Windows Media. Windows Media is designed to create and distribute media for Microsoft Windows. A multimedia framework is a set of software that handles the storing and transmission of files and data on a computer. Windows Media uses a network to store and transmit such files and data.

Windows Media contains a set of development tools which allow users to create applications on platforms similar to software packages, hardware platforms, and video game consoles, etc. called a software development kit. The kit comes complete with several application programming interfaces and prebuilt technologies. An application programming interface is a tool used to provide information on how applications interact with one another.

There are many Windows Media server hosting providers available on the Internet. The purpose of a hosting provider is to provide a secure server and add functionality and scalability to websites using Windows Media. Hosted servers also provide flexibilities, increased capabilities, customization, programming, and streaming to websites. These are important factors to most clients who are paying to have their website hosted.

Hosted servers provide a secure network environment for their clients. This includes transferring content such as media, data, and files securely from server to server and server to client. Security is introduced through a variety of ways including firewalls, authentication, and authorization. Clients may restrict who has access to the server and the content on the server.

Functionality is also an important service provided by Windows Media server hosting providers. Different functions are appropriated through the use of applications. Scalability, when a hosted server has the ability to handle increasing amounts of applications and features as the client adds them, is another important aspect in a hosted server. Scalability is made possible by increasing the amount of bandwidth allotted to each server. This allows content to be sent, stored, and received in greater and faster amounts.

A flexible server is a good server. Flexibility allows system administrators, the person in charge of maintaining and managing a computer system, to spot potential problems such as server outages and configuration issues and use available information to fix them as well as increasing overall performance. Flexibility also lends its name to programming. Applications can be easily added and removed from the server as well as configured to meet the changing needs of individual clients. The ability to be flexible also allows programs to run alongside one another.

Customization includes a list of features from applications, amount of bandwidth and disc space, making administrative changes, and introducing cost-efficient and effective solutions to run a better website. A Windows Media Server hosting provider allows their clients to update and personalize content. This adds to the functionality and overall user experience. Updating and personalizing content may include automatically programming and updating media content, making on demand programming changes including news clips or ads without disrupting streaming, and the ability to tailor content for streaming. The ability to integrate and extend streaming environments is another coveted hosting feature as is the support of simultaneous users.

Streaming, the ability to send and receive live content, is another important factor in a Windows Media Server. The faster content can be streamed, the better. Limited or no buffering time, a reduction in playback interruptions, and reliable connectivity conditions are added benefits to streaming. Too much buffering, when a streaming media player saves parts of a media file in local storage for playback and when reproducing recorded sound are interrupted, (playback interruptions) is poor streaming. Other streaming features include fast start, fast forward and rewind, broadcast auto start, and play while archiving.

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