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Windows Managed Server Hosting

Windows managed server hosting providers offer server management for those servers that use windows as its operating system. A managed server is controlled by a hosting service who guarantees the client a certain level of performance and support. The client does not have full control over the server but keeps the ability to manage its data through remote management tools and FTP.

Windows is considered to be one of two basic types of operating systems used to run a server. A windows server runs in much the same way as windows desktop. It is both user friendly and interactive through its graphical interface. A graphical interface uses a control panel as a tool allowing system administrators to configure the server on an as needed basis.

A windows managed server hosting provider does not give access of the control panel to its clients. The server provider stays in control of managing the Windows server. While choosing a managed Windows server increases the cost to the client, the server in general is more cost effective to use then a Linux server. The server itself can support Visual Basic, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL. Web development tools such as Visual Interdev and Microsoft FrontPage can be used on this particular type of server as well as other advanced feature tools.

Clients opting for windows managed server hosting providers do not need to deal with the technical requirement associated with properly running a server. Generally, technical requirements include updating applications, running routine security checks and monitoring the server. Also, managed servers are housed off site in comparison to the client housing their own server. The server is secured in a data center where it is monitored around the clock. Non stop monitoring ensures a speedier recovery process and higher uptime percentages.

Security plays a major role in a windows managed server. The provider takes on the responsibility of checking firewalls and keeping antivirus software up to date. They also monitor for intrusions onto the network. They take the necessary measures to keep intruders out and from ever coming back. Security patches are installed by the windows server provider to fix any security issues in the system. The number of users and their identities are monitored and the provider has the ability to grant permission, delete users and restrict them from having access to the server and the network connections it provides.

Every windows managed server provider offers different hosting plans with different levels of management. The level of support offered is determined by which plan the client ultimately chooses. Most support comes in the form of 24 hour, 7 day a week access. Access is limited, depending on the plan, to email inquiries, phone inquiries, live chat and an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section posted on most server providerís web pages. Frequently, clients who go with a managed plan receive on demand support which can prove to be vital for keeping websites current and running at their fullest potential.

Managed server plans usually come in three general categories all accommodated with different features and different price points. These categories all have different names according to the specific provider. They usually fall under basic, intermediate and pro plans with the latter being the most expensive. The amount of processing power is usually a large distinguishing factor amongst plans. Basic plans, for example, have less bandwidth and available disc space than more expensive plans.

Another advantage to using a windows managed server is the scalability and flexibility that it affords. As a websites grows the client simply contacts the server provider with their list of needs and the updates are made accordingly. Some of these needs can include an increase in bandwidth and additional software.

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