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Windows 2008 Server Hosting

Windows Web Server 2008 is designed as an Internet-facing web server. Its purpose is to deliver web infrastructure capabilities to its users. Basically, Windows Web Server 2008 gives its users the ability to quickly arrange and deliver a variety of web based applications on the internet. This program utilizes easy to use management, efficient administration tools, application services and hosting capabilities. The program also offers expanded application hosting, lower infrastructure costs, increased scalability, security and reliability.

The benefits of Windows Web Server 2008 compliment Windows 2008 server hosting. Offering dedicated web server functionality and server roles supporting 4 x 64 sockets and 32 gigabytes of RAM (memory). It is also economically priced for businesses and hosting providers to quickly disperse their web applications. Also included are ASP.net based Internet web deployments and increased technical capability.

Windows 2008 server hosting providers provide vital support to its clients. This added support is a much needed service because it gives clients the help they need with technical issues as well as programming issues. Technical and programming issues can range from failure to install and join a domain down to playback interruptions. This includes not meeting specific hardware and software requirements, inappropriate network drivers, failure to access the remote server and firewall failure.

A sought after feature in Windows 2008 server hosting is scalability of infrastructure. This allows the client to make changes to their websites by adding applications and increasing streaming. All done by increasing the amount of bandwidth and disc space needed on the server. Scalability includes sandboxing websites and up to date management for the site and server. The ability to sandbox allows clients to add multiple websites to a single server.

Troubleshooting is an accommodating feature on many hosted servers. Troubleshooting is a way of solving the problem through analyzing, diagnosing and finding the appropriate solution. The better and more expensive the server hosting package a client opts for, the more advanced the troubleshooting will be. Advanced troubleshooting displays detailed error messages and built-in request tracing. Hosted servers also simplify the deployment process for many web based applications.

Flexibility is important in a Windows 2008 hosted server. Flexibility allows a client to quickly and simply add/remove features to their websites. Features include applications, content, data, and streaming to name a few. Another important aspect in a Windows 2008 hosted server is customization. Customization is possible through a simplified management interface allowing a client to make additions and changes to suit their very own needs.

Security lies at the root of most clients’ decisions when choosing a hosted server. Security is vital in protecting a clients business, network and data. This is made possible through access protection, read-only domain controllers, user restrictions, impenetrable firewalls and security innovations. These are all frequently updated by the host.

Some businesses, both large and small, turn to a Windows 2008 hosted server for its power. This type of hosting service is run in beta mode which allows servers to run at much faster rates of speed. Transferring, updating, installing and removing the hardware and software can be done much faster and simpler. This saves the system administrator time which in turn saves the client money. Access to other features like troubleshooting and customization are faster as well.

An innovative feature that is often tested and used by many clients is the virtualization feature. This allows clients to play around, so to speak, in creating and testing environments while eliminating the use of multiple resources. This feature can be a major cost saver for businesses as it is a great way for a business to test the waters before spending a lot of money.

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