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Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual server hosting is made possible through the use of a virtual machine. A virtual machine is comprised of software and a computing environment that acts as a single computer. Basically, one computer, the server, is divided into individual sections. Each section runs and equals that of an individual server. The servers used in virtual server hosting are leased by a single client.

In VPS server hosting, servers run applications and isolate them from the actual processing system, a Meta machine comprised of one or more hosts. Each server is then modified to meet the needs of a specific client, further individualizing the servers and adding to their privacy.

Each server runs as its own operating system (OS), which means it has its own software being used to control the execution of computer programs. The operating system is also responsible for managing and coordinating activities and sharing resources of the computer. The OS acts as a host for computing applications. In VPS server hosting, the server can be rebooted without affecting other clients and the servers they have leased. This means the operating system can be reloaded, which restarts the software.

Since each individual section of the actual processing system runs as its own operating system, clients partaking in virtual private server hosting have their own bandwidth and disc space. Bandwidth is the rate in which data is transferred and is measured in bit(s) or multiples mbit(s). Disc space is the amount of physical space reserved to hold clients content. An example being a clients website files stored on a server. Both of these aspects are important because it allows websites to load faster and hold more information. This gives the client more independence then those on shared servers.

Virtual private server hosting costs less than shared and dedicated private server hosting and affords the client more security and control. Clients benefit from the fact that they are able to introduce secure server configurations and have root access to the server. Configuring the server allows the client to add or set up new hardware and software on the server. The hardware and software is run to meet the needs of the client. Sometimes this means to change the operating characteristics of the software.

Clients who do not have much knowledge about managing a server are wise to pay for a hosting package that includes management. Managing your own server requires a lot of time and the proper knowhow. Managed hosting packages include maintenance and upgrades.

Virtual dedicated server hosting gives the client full control over their designated section of the leased server. The server is exclusively dedicated to them, which is why this service costs more. Dedicated servers are housed in data centers increasing their reliability. Dedicated servers are geared towards clients who have large, high traffic websites (a lot of visitors), and who have lots of data to store. A dedicated server has more power which means more bandwidth and disc space.

Bandwidth and disc space are not shared as they are on a shared server. On a shared server, a group of clients are given a lump amount of bandwidth and disc space. They are not each allotted their own amounts, hence, the sharing aspect. If one client uses most of the bandwidth, the other clients are left with slower, less reliable websites.

Due to the increase in memory, the amount of space designated to store data and programs, scripts run smoother and faster. Virtual dedicated server hosting provides clients with faster uptime and load time, allows them to run their own operating system, and to create and modify firewalls adding to the security of their server. The CPU, computer processing unit, is faster, allowing it to process data at a quick and efficient pace.

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