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Ventrilo Server Hosting

Ventrilo server hosting provides a way for players to communicate with one another through a microphone normally attached to a headset. Players using a ventrilo server have an advantage over those playing without one. Player’s hands are free to maneuver through a game without having to type what they wish to communicate to another player or players.

There are many features and benefits associated with ventrilo server hosting. Depending on the server a player chooses, features and benefits vary. Not only can players communicate with other players, they can take advantage of a cross channel communications feature and listen in on other communications without other players knowing they are there.

Players can have private communications, eliminating phantom users, those who listen in on other channels. Players can create their own channels, subchannels, queued channels, and muted channels. Other similar ventrilo server hosting features include channel transmit time limits, a limited number of clients per channel allowing for less interruption and confusion, and filtering of channel features.

Players have the option of protecting their server logins and channels with passwords. This assures the player, that they alone will be able to login and use that particular channel without someone hijacking their position. Each ventrilo channel has its own control options and filters. Players can configure these options and features to suit their own needs.

Due to the fact that players are able to configure channel options and filters, they have the ability to have their own administrative passwords for channels. Administrators are the only ones allowed to make configurations. Servers are available with TTS which stands for text-to-speech voice generation. Players may play file waves and send TTS messages at the touch of a button on the keyboard. TTS communication is enhanced by a distinguished phonetic spelling of each individual user and channel names.

Another feature is a built-in chat which is like that of IRC. Users may enter comments that other users are allowed to see and interact whit each other. These comments are referred to as dynamic comments. Players who use ventrilo server hosting are not required to remember IP, internet protocol, addresses. Connecting is made easier through the use of assigned names for server connections.

Program events are broadcast through wave files or TTS event notifications. This feature keeps players up-to-date on what is going on for that particular program. Remote administration features are available for individual users, features catering to the server, and persistent server properties.

Through the use of key binding, players can mute both their microphone and sound as they please. Sound effects can be changed from user to user depending on their preferences. Particular players can be suspended in what is called a persistent mute state on a specific server. Users may also create administrative passwords for persistent channels.

A popular feature is the special effects associated with ventrilo servers which include surround sound for players, channels, and servers. Browsers are built into the servers and do not contain Adware or spyware features. This includes clients and servers as well. Players can record voice streams and play them back at the touch of a button. Transmission modes can be activated through voice or the press-to-talk feature.

Players can sift through channels that are available and change channels easily. These servers come with support for both clients and servers. Clients have the option of restricting server administration features which is recommended for hosting. Both the voice quality and bandwidth usage feature can be controlled. Display modes can be customized through list icons and toolbar icons. Some ventrilo server hosting providers are portable cross platform servers.

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