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Exchange Server Hosting

An exchange server is an application that is designed to allow a user to perform related singular or multiple tasks. They are commonly utilized by businesses that use email as an integral part of their daily activities. An exchange server is a messaging system; accommodating the Internet that is operated under Windows. The purpose of an exchange server is to exchange email among clients using Apple Mail, Outlook, etc. By doing so, information is exchanged among multiple email and messaging systems. Exchange servers enable mailboxes called Exchange Accounts. This type of messaging system is often compared to the telephone messaging system.

As with most server applications, there are a number of exchange server hosting providers waiting to take on new clients and keep regular clients coming back. Server hosting providers offer a number of services in exchange for a fee which is typically paid on a monthly basis. When a client employs a server hosting provider, they are leasing a server to host a website. In the case of an exchange server, they are employing an email messaging system. The hosting provider supplies the network needed to adequately run an exchange server.

There are many benefits that come along with exchange server hosting. Clients have access to all of their email folders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from any location. Email folders include contacts and calendars, among other files. This provides a convenient way for people to work outside of the office. This could be at home, sitting on a plane or riding the bus. An exchange server keeps information up to date. For example, if a change is made in a client’s email through a program like Microsoft Outlook, the changes are kept current when retrieved through another medium.

An exchange server lets a client go mobile. This means a client can work with their email, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, and file folders from their mobile device. This facet of an exchange server limits restrictions on what a client can do with their email and where they have to be to have access to it. Another important feature is the ability for clients to work offline. If there is no Internet access, or the client must work offline for any other reason, all changes made are stored and saved in an offline file. The offline file can be retrieved in the software file that the client is using such as Outlook or Apple Mail.

Different exchange server hosting providers offer multiple services that are broken down into packages. Each package ranges in price. The more expensive the package, the more the host is offering. Hosts tend to offer the same general services in their less expensive packages. As packages expand and increase in price, exclusive or unique services are offered.

These services include disc space. Hosts provide different amounts of disc space which is measured in gigabytes. Each hosted exchange mailbox is allotted a certain amount of gigabytes for storage and memory. Also included is web access. Again, exchange mailboxes are allotted a certain amount of gigabytes pertaining to web access. Hosted exchange servers provide administrative tools which allow an administrator to have access to all exchange accounts. Administrators have the ability to view, edit, add and delete information in these accounts.

Security measures are always provided. The level of security depends on how much the client is willing to pay for a package. Security measures are put in place to prevent hackers from viewing mailboxes and stealing information. Security measures are also use to restrict access to certain accounts if necessary. Firewalls, virus scanning and spam filters are also included. Most importantly, hosted exchange servers are held in secured data centers allowing for extra security.

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