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Dedicated Managed Servers: cPanel and WHM

Corporations or clients looking for hosting providers using dedicated managed servers cPanel and WHM are best off choosing a provider that meets their specifications. Each web server provider offers different features and levels of quality service. A managed server is one that is managed by the hosting provider, not the client leasing the server. A dedicated server is a server that is leased solely by one client. This means they are not shared by any other clients. When you put a managed and dedicated server together, the outcome is a server that has been modified to suit the needs of the individual client without giving the client the responsibility of properly running the server.

A cPanel server uses a multi-faceted graphical interface and automation tools to make hosting websites simple. WHM (web host manager) is a tool utilized by server administrators to manage multiple hosting accounts on a web server. WHM can be used to perform upgrades and maintenance to certain aspects of the server. Both of these fall under the category of dedicated managed servers cPanel and WHM. CPanel and WHM are considered by many in the computer industry as a user friendly hosting control panel. This type of server uses a visual interface to simplify its use. It is also used to adjust settings to customize the dedicated server to one particular client.

A managed cPanel server restricts root access to the system administrator. Normally, on cPanel servers, WHM is only accessible by the system administrator who is in charge of managing the server. The system administrator uses a set of features to implement changes to the server. Changes are made by way of updates and upgrades and are executed at the demand of the client. Dedicated managed cPanel and WHM servers allow the client to save time, money and resources. This is done by releasing control over backups, support, data transfer, upgrades, security and monitoring.

Dedicated managed cPanel and WHM servers take on the roll of providing technical resources and support externally to the client. As is common amongst corporate websites and technology in general, things are always changing. Dedicated and managed cPanel servers provide the means necessary for websites to change and grow overnight. This is done through a series of server upgrades including updating and installing new applications, hardware, software and configuring security measures to stay a step ahead of thieves and hackers.

Security measures are taken by using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SSH (Secure Shell). Other security measures include restricted access to the server, up to date antivirus software and various firewalls. Data centers, which are commonly used to house dedicated managed servers cPanel and WHM provide added security as do automatic system backups and restoration. These factors produce stable and reliable servers with greater uptime percentages. If the server fails and the website is down, it is up to the managed server provider to locate and patch the problems that led to the failure. This is done 24 hours a day and is also used as a preventative measure.

The cost of employing a dedicated managed cPanel and WHM server ranges from one hundred dollars a month to thousands of dollars a month in leasing and service fees. Cost is according to the provider and the service level provided. Levels of service include entry level, mid level and expertise. This is why it is important for a client to know which level of service is appropriate for their corporation before investing in a dedicated and managed cPanel and WHM server. Clients should also consider hardware, software and applications before choosing a web server host.

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