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cPanel VPS Hosting

Cpanel is a popular fixture in the new generation of web hosting systems. The graphical website management tool called cpanel was designed to be used by commercial web hosting services. This UNIX-based management tool provides both graphical interface and automation tools simplifying the process of website hosting. Cpanel has grown in popularity due to the fact that it gives functionality to administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners. Cpanel uses a standard web browser to provide control over the different parts that make up a website and makes server administration easier.

Cpanel has the ability to function as a dedicated server and virtual private server expanding its resources to various clients. Cpanel also supports CentOS, Red Hat Linux, and FreeBSD. CentOS is an open sourced operating system that provides a free enterprise class performing platform. Red Hat Linux is a Linux-based operating system and FreeBSD is a free operating system similar to UNIX.

Cpanel VPS hosting is less costly than other servers, namely dedicated servers, and gives clients the power to monitor their own websites without the expense. There are no website requirements through cpanel. Clients have the freedom to make changes to their websites including installing new applications and adding features or making upgrades according to their individual needs and likes. Cpanel provides client security, accessibility, easy to use features, and functionality.

Clients running websites with cpanel VPS hosting have more control over their accounts and management techniques. Clients are able to monitor the traffic flow on their sites, employ many uses from the web-based interface, read web mail, track bandwidth usage, and view visitor statistics. These features give the client valuable information that can be used to make changes and attract more traffic, all of which leads to an increase in business.

Cpanel gives its clients many advantages over other servers. A cpanel server may be used by both experienced and novice users further expanding its popularity. Cpanel is a control panel used to manage and maintain websites. Management and maintenance can be done at a complex or standard level. Cpanel has an add-on domain feature allowing clients to host more than one website. Sub-domains and domains used to park websites may also be easily created.

Many cpanel VPS hosting providers offer backup, which is an important aspect in website hosting. Backups are embedded and are primarily conducted on a daily basis to keep current. Backups can be downloaded to remote sites or local machines allowing clients to save copies of their databases and directories which have proven to be a vital tool in keeping websites running current.

Databases can be created directly on cpanel through a MySQL database wizard. Databases are not only created but can be edited and deleted using cpanel. Cpanel servers have proven themselves to be quite secure over the years. Private folders and directories are protected. Clients have the advantage of creating passwords for folders and keeping them private. This feature restricts access to authorized users only. Cpanel hosting clients are able to take advantage of a feature called Log Analysis. Log Analysis provides detailed pictures of website traffic, verification of error logs, and a host of other logs designed to monitor activity on a website.

Cpanel hosting has been touted as one of the better managed servers available to the public today. Due to the interface cpanel uses, email, web directories, error pages, disc space, databases, backups, spam filters, and FTP functionality, can all be easily managed either by the client themselves or by the host. Blogs, forums, discussion boards and groups, and e-commerce tools are all easily added as well.

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