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Colocation Server Hosting

There are many choices available over the internet for clients who are in the market for server hosting providers. One of the many choices that are available is colocation server hosting. This type of server hosting means having a facility in which clients may lease the equipment. These housing facilities are secure and environmentally controlled to reduce the risk of failure, theft and fire damage. All of these factors can be absolutely devastating to the client and his or her business or organization. As with any type of server hosting provider there are advantages and disadvantages that come along with using the service.

What is the advantage to collocation server hosting? Clients will no longer need to store equipment in their offices or in unsecured and uncontrolled environments such as warehouses. Colocation servers free up valuable space in the clients offices and are cost effective.

Besides the security, control and freed space offered through a colocation server hosting provider, there are many other advantages as well. These include power backup through the use of high powered and reliable generators, filtered power and many connection feeds. All three of these aspects offer a more reliable, safe and secure way for a client to handle their server hosting needs. Another sought after advantage accompanying this type of server is the ability to make unlimited configurations to the server. This particular advantage lends the client more control over their leased server. Clients can lease entire server rooms and different sizes of rack space to meet their server storage needs.

Also, a popular colocation server advantage is its cost saving potential. As mentioned above, not having to rent a warehouse or additional office space to house a server saves the client money. This, in turn, means it is often less costly to use the services of a colocation server provider. Server downtime and unforeseen issues with the server can be a major hindrance to clients. Clients paying for the services of a colocation server provider have the option of choosing a package that includes various amounts of technical support. This technical support is designed to deal with a wide range of issues that can cost the client money if left unattended.

Colocation facilities, often referred to as data centers, are located mostly in large urban cities throughout the world. In a colocation facility, the server hosting provider is held responsible for the security and connectivity of the server. The client is held responsible for the management of the server. Management of the server is left to the client because they are the ones leasing the space on the server and are the ones in control of the stored data.

Colocation hosted server providers offer a range of services including various features, management and support. Services are divided into packages. Each package offers a range of services from limited to full scope. The cost of using a colocation hosted service provider changes from provider to provider and greatly depends on the package chosen.

Though each colocation hosted server provider has different packages at different costs, the features they offer are generally similar. Features include network access, scalability, network availability, power backup and security measures. Detailed features range from traffic graphing, traffic thresholds and alerts, network status updates, online support and high speed remote access to the client’s server. Many of these services are also customizable.

A disadvantage to a colocation hosted server is the fact that the actual server is not physically in the client’s office. This limits server accessibility. This can make upgrades, changing the server and making changes to the software by the client more difficult without the physical access.

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