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Apache Server Hosting

Apache server hosting providers give clients another avenue to host their website or websites. Virtual Apache servers are available, allowing for more than one server to run from a single computer housed in a secured database center. Apache servers are open sourced which means that their codes can be read and changed, if necessary. Being an open sourced system, apache servers allows for several advantages for clients.

One advantage is cost. Apache servers require fewer resources to run it. Additionally, the program, and not the server, is free. It costs an Apache server hosting provider less money to run their hosting service and they typically pass those savings along to clients. Apache programs can also be run on Linux and Windows platforms making them highly compatible.

An Apache server is easy to use for most people, even for those with limited knowledge in Web hosting and related services. For beginners, especially, Apache Web hosting is easy and well-suited for basic use. Apache offers several security measures as well. Even though the security measures are simple compared to other servers, they have proven to be effective.

An Apache server hosting provider allows clients to publish information from a computer system directly onto the Internet in the form of a website. HTML, Hyper Text Markup Language, is commonly used to write information which is stored in files. The Apache system then transfers these files to the Internet and a website is born. Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Windows, and Firefox can all be used to read and view these websites.

The server requests files from the computer and are stored via the Internet. The files are transmitted through a network and become available on different computers allowing someone in Washington D.C., for example, to view a website that is being hosted in Canada.

Apache servers have gained a reputation of being reliable because they stay up-to-date, with hosting needs compatible with multiple browsers, and offer a wide array of functions. An Apache server can be run using Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows. Functions include support of Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Server Side Includes (SSI), Perl, Python, Tcl, PHP, and virtual domains. Apache servers are capable of hosting both static and dynamic websites. Additional functions include help with administration servers, server side programming language support, authentication schemes including mod_access, mod_digest, and mod_auth_digest, and configurable error messages, a URL rewriter, and a proxy module.

A static website is a website that is stored on a server exactly the same way as a user views it. A dynamic website is just the opposite. This type of website changes automatically or frequently depending on which criteria are used. Clients with websites containing blogs or a small amount of content, to websites run by big corporations containing vast databases, all use Apache hosting providers.

Clients may also install and configure an Apache server on their own computers. The primary reason for this installation is to run one or more self-managed websites. It is popular among website developers who wish to test their sites before uploading them to the Internet. This is easily accomplished by downloading an Apache server to their computer. Instructions on how to download the server are widely available on the Internet for free.

Once the server is downloaded, the next step is to install the server. This is simple as well, as long as directions are followed. Installation instructions automatically appear on the computer screen and are easy to follow by reading instructions carefully. The client then enters the required server information. Once the server is fully installed, it should be tested before use.

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