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Advantages of Virtual Private Server Hosting

The advantages of virtual private server hosting are abundant. One of the major advantages is the link VPS hosting provides between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is when the server is completely dedicated to one client and his or her needs. Shared hosting is a server that is shared among multiple clients. The link, so to speak, that VPS hosting has between dedicated and shared hosting is quite simple.

VPS, or virtual private hosting, is run similarly to a dedicated host without any sharing. VPS uses one computer acting as a server to host multiple servers. The main server is partitioned into separate sections. Each section is designated and operated as an individual server with its own operating system. Clients using a VPS have the advantages of a dedicated server without having to pay for the price for one.

Isolation is an advantage that adds security and individuality to a server. Clients are prohibited from affecting one another’s servers, customers, and websites through isolation. Isolation helps to alleviate downtime and diminishes conflicts between clients like one client hogging a majority of the bandwidth on the server. Isolation coupled with other security features allows for a safer, more secure client-server relationship. Access points are continually changing, aiding in the prevention of attacks such as Denial-of-Service.

Control and support are two leading advantages of virtual private server hosting. VPS allows clients to utilize intuitive tools which aid in administration, no matter the clients’ skill level. Clients can limit the resources of their server or can configure the server to allow access to its full resources. Both of these aspects provide flexibility and control to the client giving them a way to customize the server to meet their individual needs.

VPS clients are provided with a security blanket which allows them to backup and restore the information held on the server. This can be done manually through self-management or through a hosting package that is fully managed. Servers can also be repaired, recovered, and reinstalled. This ensures clients that their websites can be restored and up and running in a small time period avoiding costly downtime. Upgrades can be done swiftly, providing the client with better performance software.

Other advantages of virtual private server hosting include access to the root server and the creation of sandboxes. Clients have access to a special user account which is primarily used for system administration. The client can put as much restriction on the root server as the feel is necessary. When a client creates a sandbox, they are able to run two virtual private servers on one physical server. This means a client may have two websites on the same server and make changes to one in the form of upgrades without disturbing the other.

Another advantage to root access is the ability of the client to pick and choose which applications they wish to run on the server. They can do so without interference from other clients and without the hassle of having to share coveted bandwidth and disc space. VPS hosting gives businesses that are constantly expanding their websites an advantage over shared and dedicated servers.

Businesses running their websites through a VPS have complete control over every aspect of their server. They can make changes, perform maintenance, introduce new hardware and software to the server, make upgrades, and prevent costly downtime. The security that isolation from other servers provides severely limits the threat from hackers and management mistakes made by other clients. Management tasks can be broken down and simplified into multitasks eliminating management mistakes. No information or resources are shared unless specified by the individual client.

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